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This is my old portfolio. There is great information here!
However, if you are looking for the most recent information
about my adventures, please click here.

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Mike Travis ... the name seems so simple, but who is he? What are his goals? Where has he been and what has he done? Find out the answers to these and more, here at his electronic portfolio.

I have tried my best to make the site easy to read and easy to learn more about all the different aspects of my professional life including positions in teaching, technology and even in the military.

Click on my picture to the right to see a Flash animation that gives the more personal side of who I am. (The animation will require Flash Player, which can be downloaded here.)

Here is a description of each of the sections on my site:

  • Objective - What were my objectives for creating this site and maintaining it? Find out here.
  • Philosophy - Discovery Learning? What is that? Find out more about this and my own philosophies on teaching here.
  • Resume - my resume is broken into academic, employment and awards to give you an easier way to reach the information you need about me
  • Samples of Work - What kind of work does a student do to achieve a Master's Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Hawaii? This section provides some of the samples of my work in this program.
  • Resources - Always in constant growth, this area provides links to other resources for teachers and students.
  • Standards - What are the National Standards for Teachers in Technology? Find out here and see some examples that relate.
  • Copyright - Copyright issues are critical in today's society with the Internet. Read my thoughts on copyright law and credit for some of the areas that I used on my site.
  • Master's Project - This section provides all the details you need about my Master's Project.
  • Site Index - Not sure where to click? Try the site index for a graphical representation of all pages on the site.


I would love any feedback on my portfolio, whether it be a question, suggestion or compliment. You can email your thoughts to:



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This site designed by Mike Travis - you can contact him here. This site was last updated on 5/1/2007.

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