Who is Mike Travis?



My journey to a career in Educational Technology has been a long one with many different adventures.  From serving in the military and traveling to The Middle East for Operation Desert Storm to co-founding a web development company to becoming a technology teacher to leading the educational technology movement at my school to returning to the classroom once more.  Through it all, one thing has always been clear - lifelong learning and growth.

Throughout this site, you will find information about my journey, my skills, and my future goals.  Feel free to email your thoughts, questions, or suggestions anytime.



The essence of educational technology is finding ways to effectively integrate technology
into classes to benefit, rather
than hinder, learning.

              - Mike Travis, Hawaii, 2009

Do not think of the “if’s” or the “could have been’s”, have courage to take charge of the present, so your dreams can become realities.

              - Mike Travis, Kuwait, 1991